WISE Emerging Leaders Certificate Program

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About the Program

The WISE Emerging Leaders Certificate Program is specifically designed to expand the leadership capabilities of female professionals in middle management. This program helps participants hone their understanding and application of business, strategic and financial acumen, and prepares them for advancement.

Over the course of six virtual and interactive modules, participants will learn the business outcomes prioritized by CEOs, the role of financial measures in executing strategy, and methods for better communicating their proficiency of the business. 

Module workbooks and group exercises provide ample opportunity for reflection and for putting learnings into practice. Throughout the program, participants will be asked to complete an assessment to ensure knowledge transfer and are expected to take part in the group breakouts.

Curriculum and Key Business Outcomes

Think Like a CEO™
It's never too early or too late to enhance your business talents, but without action, women's careers plateau. Learn the four key business outcomes that executives monitor, and understand how your work drives these outcomes. Also, gain insight into how aligning work to business outcomes differentiates talent for career success.

Speak the Language of Power™
The Language of Power is the language of outcomes, and communicating effectively in this language is a vital success factor. Showcase your business, strategic and financial acumen and communicate using the language of the C-suite.

Know Your Numbers
Learn the basics of sports finance and the art behind the numbers and why it matters.

Show Them the Money
Strategic and financial acumen aren't skills exclusive to MBAs and executives. Learn how to develop a strong foundation for understanding, executing or creating strategy, and the role of financial measures in the process.

Strategy: Art, Science and Mystery
Strategy is the ultimate responsibility of every business leader. Companies succeed when they get it right and fail when they get it wrong. Learn a systematic approach to strategic planning and the 20 questions that must be addressed in order to build an actionable strategic plan.

Strategic Relationships for Business Success
While networking is important for success, not all networks are created equal. Learn what makes a network strategic, analyze your current networks and identify opportunities for strengthening them.

Who Should Attend

Middle managers, defined as supervisors, project leads, managers, senior managers and directors (depending on organization/company structure and size)

"This program gave me everything I was anticipating and more. The discussions were powerful. I did not want them to end, and one of the best perks to this program was connecting with ladies from around North America. Believe me when I say, you don't want to miss out on this program!"
— Shauna Bookal | Executive Director, Field Hockey Ontario

"The WISE Emerging Leaders Certificate Program was a great introduction to business and finance for women who may not be exposed to the ins and outs on a daily basis. This program is empowering and encourages women to lead confidently within their roles. I'm thrilled to have taken part this year."
— Kalyn Hutchinson | Manager, NBA

Schedule and Format

The class meets once a week over four consecutive weeks for two-and-a-half to three hours, including a break between modules. The interactive virtual sessions are facilitated by Leading Women, a WISE professional development partner.

The next session takes place April 26 – May 24, 2023.


$1,800 per person.


This is a member exclusive program offered to WISE professional level members in good standing. There are no other eligibility requirements. If you are a student member and need to upgrade your membership, please contact us. Not a member? Join now.