WISE Power of Choice for Emerging Leaders of Color


Photo credit: Alexander Suhorucov / pexels.com

About the Program

Power of Choice for Emerging Leaders of Color is tailored to underrepresented high potential female talent. Participants identify the barriers to career and personal development and implement strategies to build their own development path. Key to this program is the "SuccessPath" pairing of the participant and their manager.

Time Commitment

Participants have been selected by their organization to embark on this unique personal growth journey. This immersive, six-module program requires active participation over a four-month period comprising pre-work, reflection, group and break-out sessions, and other interactive activities. Each participant is paired with her manager, who is required to attend select sessions during the program.


The program is delivered virtually and includes: personal reflection and insight tools; experiential exercises; group discussions, peer coaching and accountability activities; action planning.

Key Outcomes

  • Enhanced personal, interpersonal and organizational awareness 
  • Increased impact as a strategic thought partner, collaborator and decision-maker
  • A clearer perspective on how to represent your personal brand to reflect identity and capability
  • Strategies for expanding contribution and organizational influence
  • Clearly identified career goals and a strategy for accessing the necessary experiences to support that growth
  • Mastery of tools and skills to fuel career acceleration, mobility and momentum

Program Dates

The next session takes place in Spring 2023.