WELI Rodin Scholarship

Michael Nordman of MillerCoors announces its sponsorship of the Rodin Scholarship with WISE president Kathleen Francis in 2019.

Rodin Scholarship

In 2014, the Rodin Scholarship  for the professional development of female small business owners was established by WISE in partnership with Coca-Cola. In 2019, MillerCoors committed to awarding one full scholarship each year. “MillerCoors is proud to be a supporter of WISE and to sponsor a scholarship for their Executive Leadership Institute. As a company, we are committed to economic empowerment and building up the pipeline and next generation of women leaders and executives in sports and events,” said Michael Nordman, community affairs senior manager at MillerCoors.

The scholarship was inspired by WISE founder Sue Rodin, who has helped change the landscape for women in sports business, especially as it relates to gender equity, female entrepreneurship and the concept of building mentorships among women.

"My younger self would have never imagined going into business, let alone business for myself," said Rodin, who established WISE in 1993. "But when WISE was in its infancy, I realized that I was not alone. I'm Exhibit A, B and C of what WISE can do. And I'm humbled by this honor."

Eligibility and Application

In addition to the program's eligibility requirements, scholarship applicants must be employed by a WBENC certificate organization that has been in business for a minimum of three years and will be asked to upload a copy of their WBENC certificate at the end of the application form.